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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last Friday Night | Johnnie Walker Circuit Nights Korea

Wednesday is here already?????

If you all follow me on my Instagram (@sandyryang), Facebook or/and Twitter,
you would know that I did two blogpost on it. 
Were you there at Butter Factory last Friday night for Johnnie Walker Circuit Nights Korea?

*photo credit - Johnnie Walker Malaysia*

*photo credit - Johnnie Walker Malaysia*

I was there!
I was so excited!
Who wouldn't be right?
Butter Factory was all decorated with all black and gold color which is their signature color as always,
Did not manage to get photo with the Johnnie Walker backdrop, because I was a little late
as I had my dinner before the event,
Thanks to Adrian for driving me and being my plus one of the night~
Here is some snapshot of the night

Once I was there,
I saw all my friends is already there!
*I don't like to be late*
and not to miss out photo-taking session,
Time to take some photo with awesome people of the night!
*typical girl*
#girlsbeinggirls much LOL

With the bubbly, Yukiko,
Love her outfit! and cool lip color ;)

With babe, Joanna
we meet again~

With babe, Ashley
So jelly of her tone fit body!
Teach me pls~~!!! :P

With Adrian, where are you looking?? LOL

It so cool, our table is right next to the stage!
talking about good view of the stage, DJs, and performance!

With ma babes, adorable Yeeing and Ashley!
*credit to Jennifer*

Bumped into this pretty babe, Wilee
*credit to Jennifer*

So happy to meet up with my babes and friends!
Is been sometimes since I saw them,
All of them is all dress up, look so beautiful & good looking girls and guys
The night is filled with laughters, chit-chats, selfies, performances and cray cray dancing to awesome korean music while enjoying Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve.

Things-Not-To-Missed while girls visit the ladies-room
*credit to Jennifer*

With babes, pretty Jennifer, Yeeing and Ashley~
*credit to Jennifer*

The night is amazing!
First time wearing my new pump heels,
I'm lucky I did not fall *evil laugh* because is little heavier than I thought..
Despite that, I didn't care much, JUST DANCE to those songs and music that pumped me up!
Talking about next day, I need to run around!

Then later, there was dance performance!
They look like those Korean girls group~
So cute outfits and the dance moves reminds me of Girl Generations, 4Minutes and etc~

I was hyped up when they played some korean song~!
The Korean atmosphere was so amazing as it is no stranger to anyone was there~
Like as if I flew to Korea to partied there

Photo credit to Stoutlager Travel Aficionado

Photo credit to Stoutlager Travel Aficionado

Photo credit to Stoutlager Travel Aficionado

DJ Show

DJ Show was spinning that night!
Her energy was good,
I can see she was having a good time too!

Unfortunately, DJ DD Lee was not feeling well,
but DJ Show got the crowd going that night~

Don, the man! Loving our drinks ;)

In conclusion,
I enjoyed myself overall !
Thanks to Manoah and Johnnie Walker Malaysia!
Looking forward for what Johnnie Walker will bring in the future!

Selfie of the night~
Makeup inspired from Korean girls,
Simple makeup, with little highlights at the tear buds~

Have a great day L o V e S!


“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.” ― Marilyn Monroe ♥
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