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Friday, November 29, 2013

#FBF | DJ Tenashar | Play club at The Roof

Is already Friday?
Wow, that's fast!
I still remember what happened last Saturday!
Do you remember what was your schedule on last Saturday?
I'm not saying I have awesome memories, can remember every single things but because of one thing that happened~
Can you guess??

It was DJ Tenashar spinning at Play Club at The Roof!
The first time I saw her was at We Love Asia~
She has her signature (I think) cap on~
the triple X

Ended my Saturday at Play club at The Roof~
The Play Club was awesome,
well it was my first time there!
Have you been to Play Club at The Roof??

Thanks to Manoah & The Roof !!
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My #ootn & my tired but satisfied face! LOL

Happy Thanksgiving L o V e S!

Till then,
Stay tune,

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  1. wow seems like now all events also held at the roof huh!

    1. LOL cuz is the new IT place to be ;) plus The Roof has few venue all under one roof :D


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