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Thursday, November 28, 2013

#TBT | Good Hair Dayz

Is almost the end of November,
Time why you past so fast?

Good things that happened will stay in your mind longer than something boring or not interesting~
Am I right?
Having a good hair day is definitely one of the day I remember fondly~
Been busy with assignments and preparing for my final exam lately,
is no fun at all, plus falling sick at the wrong timing is just URGH!

Still remember the day I went to Q Hair Works for my hair treatment!
Little pampering session with babe, Yeeing!

My hair feel so silky smooth!
& Brian curls my hair and change my fringe parting to the left side (usually is on the right side)

I'm so in love with their treatment!
Went back the week after to set my hair for an event!

You can read all about it here!

Loving the curls so much,
Maybe I should do a permanent curls
Firstly, because it looks nice
Secondly, my hair becomes straighten very fast! >.<
So yeah!

Can't wait for all the headache and stress to pass~
Got to get some pampering session soon!
who's with me?

Remember to LIKE their Facebook Page
For more information!
Every month they have some special for you all~

Till then,
Stay tune
for more updates~

Happy Lively Thursday! 

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