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Sunday, November 10, 2013

#TBT | Kronenbroug 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion 2013

Couples of days back, on Thursday I've got the opportunity to attend a fashion event, how fun was that? I won't say I'm a fashionista but I love fashion~
Merci to Manoah for the invitation to Kronenbroug 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion Show 2013 at the The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Got to there a little early, luckily Jq & Yukiko is already there enjoying their tea, we hangout and chit-chat while waiting the time to pass.. The place is so pretty and calm such a nice place to have hi-tea and just chillax..

Got some delicious food and drinks before the shows starts,
with all the bloggers.

Eiffel Tower <3 font="">

Take our #ootd together :D
Dress code is french chic..
Blue white and red ;)

W/ pretty ladies and boss!
Joanna, Don, mua, & Chocky

W/ Cleo Bachelor 2013, Nicholas! :)
Thanks to Don for the Picha :D -group shot-
W/ Don, Raj, Michelle, Mandy, Alicia, Joanna, Chocky, Yukiko & Nicholas

W/ ze pretty ladies Michelle, Zana, Yukiko and mua
Got ready with our camera! ^^

W/ ze pretty ladies Evelyn & Joanna

Yukiko & mua~
Got to enjoy a icey cold beer~ ^-^

Love their creative,
some are so chic yet girly, some are futuristic, some are edgy
so cool~
It was great show!

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My Blue, White & Red theme of Outfit for the event! LOL

Stay tune,
Till then,

Happy Sunday L o V e S,



  1. wow the eiffel tower... looks like a fun event!

    1. Loving the Eiffel Tower too! :) Is a beer tower!
      It is, the hall was filled with fashion and creativity :D


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