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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend | South Bound | Eat | SnapShots

How's your weekend been?
Another long weeeeekend eh?
Happy Deepavali!
Wishing all my friends and everyone who are celebrating this colorful festival~
Have fun & be safe!

Made a short trip to Malacca with my family,
The last time I went to Malacca, was last year,
there are some changes but still recognizable~
Malacca is the nearest place for whoever stay in KL,
for food and shopping, well mainly is the FOOD.
Nothing can go wrong with food for us Malaysian~
Nothing fancy about this trip, just relax and enjoy the weekend.

First stop was Jonker Street,
@ Jonker 88 where people will line up for the cendol and asam laksa~
Tried that the last time I was there,
I don't really like the asam laksa, I don't know, I just don't think it tasted like asam laksa that I had before
and I still prefer KL cendol!

SnapShot a little,
Here & There..

Too many people!
common thing when is public holiday...
definitely a love hate thingy I have..

Lunch Time..
Craving for it for some time already,
is like..
*maybe less dramatic*

Took few hours of power nap,
because only slept 4 hours on Friday night, and an hour in the car.
Totally crashed after all the makan and jalan-jalan!

Dinner time.
Being indecisive, end up having dinner at Jonker Street,
Just picked this chicken rice shop.

Got a little caffeine at this little cafe near Jonker Street~
Brother John cafe~

It was almost 11pm,
Dad decided to try our luck on Capitol Satay Celup @ Lorong Bukit Cina..
And there is a long line of people queuing up..
There goes the satay celup..
Instead, tried the (opposite capitol) one - Afamosa Satay Celup,
I don't know how to comment on their food, but the service is kinda terrible..

There's all my Saturday is spent,
Sunday, went back to KL,
Monday blues is already creeping in as usual...
Remember to smile,
It will definitely cheer up day up a little..

Have a great week ahead!

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  1. yuppp agree! smile more! atleast can make people around us to be happy! =D

  2. Loving all the colorful photos! I just visited Malacca 2 weeks ago! :D

    1. Thanks Jane! :) Just took some random snapshots along the way~


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