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Monday, December 9, 2013

New Tiger Radler Double Refreshment | KL Live

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Good Day to you all lovelies~
I know is Monday which mean #MondayBlues..
I need a Double Refreshment~

No worries, here is something to cheer you up or keep you busy for awhile (or distracts you from thinking about the blues~)

Last Friday was the New Tiger Radler Double Refreshment Launch, I'm glad that I was able to attend, experience it and tasted the Tiger Radler myself first!

"The launch of Tiger Radler in Malaysia is set to solidify Tiger Beer's market leadership in Malaysia and represents yet another of the innovative ways that we keep the Tiger brand refreshing for our discerning drinkers across the country"
Said Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad. 

The launch featured invigorating performances from a smorgasbord of local comedians, bands, and DJ's to provide an electronic evening of double refreshment. 

w/ Diana & Laura 

Funny guy to tickle our funny bones~

W/ Diana & Joanna

 Do you know about Tiger Radler?
It is Tiger Beer that combines the crips and easy-drinking taste of Tiger Beer with natural lemon juice to produce a beverage that is doubly refreshing.

I like the drink because it is something you can have it anytime of the day it definitely compliments the Malaysia's  hot and humid weather, and when it's served icey cold, it's refreshing indeed~

W/ ze girls Joanna, Diana, Yeeing

Get to chilled out on a Friday night with great companies, refreshing drink from Tiger Radler and performance to entertain us!

I personally like the Tiger Radler~
Is sweet & lemony for me!

For more information
Stay tune for their latest and upcoming activities and event that you could be part of it.


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Have a great week ahead!

Till then,
Stay tune,

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