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Thursday, February 13, 2014

#TBT | A Little Recap of CNY 2014

Finally I'm back to blogging,
time to update my lovely blog here~
*Caution - it will be a long post*
Felt bad that I've not update my blog~
Month of January has been a crazy/hectic month for me,
after celebrating New Year,
I'm back to my computer to rush 2 assignments which is due on mid of January~
Talk about rushing against time!

But thank God,
I able to get it done on time and those sleepless night had paid off. Still I'm not encouraging do things last minute~
is never fun and is bad~
*my bad*
After passing up my assignments,
I'm already back to college for my final semester!
*Like WHAT?!*
A little disappointed, because I thought there will be a week or so of holiday before commencing my final semester.

Oh well,
back to college!
Took some time off from facing the computer,
but I'm always on facebook, twitter, instagram and dayre~
through my phone of course
* Follow me ^-^v *

While getting ready for CNY celebration,
I got major fever!
I know right! A day before CNY eve?
Thanks for all the advice and wishes from friends,
took my meds and had my maximum rest to get better!

I did mention of doing a D.I.Y nails post before CNY,
but I've not did it because I was sick..
but here is some I did
and you can check out some of it from my previous post here
--> D.I.Y Nails 

What you need for the D.I.Y nails below ;)

CNY eve,
is reunion dinner time!
my aunts, uncles and cousins came over,
my mum being a superwoman again as like all the years,
prepared every single thing and cooked all the food!

I guess,
we should have a little change of tradition the next time,
pot luck will be good,
everyone bring something and it would be fun!
Plus my mum wouldn't have to be so busy but can chill and enjoy a little, I think she deserve it!
This year is a simple CNY for me~
definitely hot and humid one!

New casing for CNY~ Does it look like blossom? :)

CNY Day 1,
I stayed home,
and as did visit my neighbor
and that's pretty much my first day of CNY 

Simple D.I.Y nails for CNY~ 

Silly face with Louis boy~ 

CNY Day 2,
Visited my uncle,
where all my relatives from my mum's side gather~
every sibling will bring/cook a dish for a luncheon
I think this way every one contributed and took part in this gathering rather than just come and eat then ciao~
Although, it was hot and humid day, it was a fun-filled days, where kids and adults playing together, chit-chatting and more~

Dinner with my dad's side, all my relative,
the dinner was insane as everyone was so hungry!
we (12 people) just clean up 9 dishes of delicious Chinese cooking~ 
Thanks to my uncle, it was his treat for all of us~


Something cant be missed~ 

My aunt cooked ikan bakar, prawns, squids and kampung fish~

CNY Day 3,
Dinner at my cousin, Chloe's house!
My cousin's mum, my aunt is the best cook,
She prepared all the dishes and even make ikan bakar with her own paste!
I ate 2 piece of ikan pari (stingray)
*feeling fat*

Baby niece Lorraine

CNY Day 4,
a mini party,
as baby Lorraine is back in KL!
Meeting all the relatives~
My aunt did it again!
Yummy food~

The New Yorker~

With Joanna babe~

Baby Lorraine first Tutti Fruitti outing with the Gan Family :D

CNY Day 5,
luncheon date with Joanna @ The Good Batch, Damansara Uptown,
it is definitely a good catch up!
Ended my dad with a frozen beer?

CNY Day 6,
woke up early with my sis to watch From Vegas to Macau~
My sis's fav actor Nicholas Tze!!

CNY Day 7,
Outing with Baby Lorraine,
to IKEA, got my craving done~
My bro-in-law and sis shopped for some their home~
while my bro and me entertain baby Lorraine.

Our "done" meal photo~ LOL

With Vicky and Stephanie babe~

CNY Day 9,
Outing with ze girls~
Laughed so much!
awesome time~

So yeah,
that's pretty much my CNY for 2014~
Today is already the 14th day of CNY!
Tomorrow will be a double celebration as it is the English and Chinese Valentine's Day as well as the last day of CNY!
How time flies~
Credit to Google image
Love is in the air~
Well, it shouldn't be just one day but the other 364 days too!
What have you prepared for your loved one?
Do share it with me, what you have done for this Chinese New Year and upcoming Valentine's day~

I would love to hear from you all~
Hahah I'm expecting a lot of sweet stories

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Thanks for reading my super long post~
Stay tune,
Till then,

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