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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Don't Give Up | Keep Walking Forward

Hey L o V e S,
How's your week been?
March is coming to an end,
I just realized how far I come, throughout my college life~
My friends and I will always joke about our diploma years, saying it was tough (when we were in our diploma years) and complaining that our degree years will even more stressful and complete "no fun"

The ironic part is, as I'm doing my degree now, we missed our diploma years so much~
How much stress is it, I didn't give up, and I'm almost done~
taking it step by step rather than not taking it at all~
But hey, we all got to keep walking forward in life, 
With a blink of an eye, my college or studies life is coming to end soon..
Although, I will definitely miss college life, but I got to keep walking forward in life in order to learn and grow as a person..
I think you all agree on that~

I always look at "life" as an undefined word,
there is no fixed meaning to it, everyone has different opinion and view about L.I.F.E~
I don't think I can stop learning, I learn something everyday in my life no matter how big or small it is.. That's the way I see & how I progress in life~
Never give up!
Example to this, will be my baby (my blog)
I started blogging in 2009~ 
Phewww~ is been that long already?
When I started blogging, I'm very self-conscious,
but I learn to be more confident in what I write and take comments as learning curve.. 
I think I've progress in the way I write my blog,
I learn to write better, I learn to write with my heart, I learn to take photo and I fell in love with taking pictures (well, besides selfie of course! LOL) because I got my new camera which I had the chance to test it during my Johnnie Walker Food & Whisky Pairing event..(not the selfie ones)

I want to be better at what I do, and wish to inspire someone in a way or another that I can.. I might not be the best at what I do, but I do my best in everything I do..
Looking back, I didn't imagine I'll be at where I am today...

I hope in another few years time, as we move forward in life,
I would be better & doing what I love..

That's my story~
Taking small part of my progression in what I do & not giving up~ 
When "giving up" is not in your option list,
you'll start to progress in what you do..

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Keep Walking!


  1. nice one! :)


  2. really interesting and I looking forward to see more post in future^^. By the way, mind visit my blog too ( ). hehex

    have a nice day!! and enjoy the every moment :)


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