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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Indulge In Love At Suria KLCC

Hey L o V e S

Well, last Thursday I had the chance to attend Suria KLCC Media Indulgence Day which is a close and intimate event.
Indulge in love which encourage everyone to show and pamper their loved ones with caring gifts at Suria KLCC.

Just by reading the title, I'm already so interested, 
(Maybe is a girly thing) *giggle*
Who doesn't want to be indulge in love?
Be pampered and being showered with love?
I know I do

There was refreshment prepared for all
Love it - how it is small and look so nicely prepared

The theme "Indulge in Love" is to inspire day to day solution and idea to everyone by working closely with it's retails partners - DeBeers, Bisou, and Lysha Flora to stimulate ideas on showing loved ones how much they are appreciated. 

The first showcase was from DeBeers presenting their "The Promise" collection which are platinum and diamond rings with unique contemporary designs that honors the timeless traditions of two individuals bound by love - Adonis Rose, Infinity, Mini Aura and Talisman range by DeBeers. 

~Diamond is girl's best friend - Marilyn Monroe~
a very familiar phrase

The second showcase is from Bisou, I'm sure many people know this shop as they have pretty cupcakes!
There was a demonstration to make a simple cupcake with some decoration and personalized touch. 
To match the theme of the event, all of us got to decorate our own "Valentine" themed cupcake with vanilla frosting, colorful sparkles and red hearts of course ^-^

Sophie from Bisou

5 girls, 5 customized cupcakes
Everyone is so talented! Maybe we can work part-time at Bisou? *giggle*
Can you guess which is mine? 

First time doing this!
Very excited & nervous~ *finger cross* Hope I don't mess it up~
I want to learn how to make cupcakes~
Anyone wanna teach me? LOL

Finally, the last showcase is from Lysha Flora that will teach us how to make a simple flower posies that can be used as gifts for any occasion.
Tips to all guys, *hint hint* girls love flowers too, doesn't need to be a big bouquet of flowers, is the thought that counts *wink*

Mr Rosly from Lysha Flora

Happy with my flower arrangement!
ROSES <3 font="">

Lucky draw winner got a gift from Bisou presented by Mac from Bisou.

Met Rachel & Sandra during this event,
such nice girls, everything went havoc when we started to talk about cupcakes and English TV series!

With Rachel and her flowers ^^
With Sandra! Another blogger! ^-^

Love how we can have a hands-on and get to bring it back home! I don't know about you but I've always have a thing for hand-made gifts or crafts because it has the personal touch~

So why wait for special occasion to show your love to your loved ones? A simple gift of "bling bling" / flower / cupcakes might just cheer that special someone.

DeBeers is located on the G-Floor of Suria KLCC
Bisou is located on the 3rd Floor of Suria KLCC
Lysha Flora is located in the Concourse level (the entrance from LRT KLCC station)

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My top matches the theme of the event!

Have a great day~
Till then,
Stay tune,


  1. What a lovely…nice post entry !

  2. Your first try on decorating a cupcake is not bad! :D I remember mine was way worst > < I can't cook well lol XD

    1. Thanks Hanie! :)
      I wouldn't say I can cook too LOL :D


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