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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Johnnie Walker Food and Whisky Pairing Demonstration | Chef Nigel Richter

A brand new week is here..

I have something to share with you all,
it was a exciting Wednesday for me 

Thanks to Manoah for the exclusive insight to Johnnie Walker Food & Whisky Pairing Demonstration by Chef Nigel Richter at The Food Studio which has super nice set up and awesome kitchen~

Chef Nigel in action, preparing the food right before the event starts and is definitely a photo opportunity to see Chef Nigel do what he do best! :)

Chef Nigel Richter had prepared and introduced 3 type of food and paired them with 3 different types of famous Johnnie Walker whisky by demonstrating it to us~

Everyone is listening attentively to what Chef Nigel explaining about the food pairing and how to prepared it.

Dish 1:
Tiger Prawn Tempura & Dungeness Crab Maki
with Ponzu sauve, avocado, cucumber, scallions, radish, black and white sesame

That is paired with Johnnie Walker Black Label
which Chef Nigel's pairing flavor  profiles - Umami Rich Food, Seaweed, Sesame Seeds, Sake, Soy Sause.

Dish 2:
Spiced Oxtail Cappuccino
with slow-cooked oxtail, roasted shitake, smoked parsnip, fenugreek foam, crusty olive oil ciabatta, carrot dust

That is paired with Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve
which Chef Nigel's pairing flavor profiles - Braised Meat, Shitake Mushroom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Roasted Fenugreek Seeds.

Dish 3:
Smoked Cheese Cake
with Vanilla-hazelnut crust, pomegranate, white chocolate malt crunch, forest honey, fresh in-season berries

This is paired with Johnnie Walker Double Black Label
which Chef Nigel's pairing flavor profiles - Butter, Brown sugar, Honey, Hazelnut, Malt, Smoked, Vanilla

Definitely is an interesting experience for me,
trying food and dessert with whisky, because normally we all will have our food with wine..
But pairing it with Johnnie Walker whisky is some fresh and new to me.. AND I like it!
Is like taking my taste buds to a fun roller-coaster ride!
*exciting and fun*
Never knew pairing food and whisky can be this fun!

Dish 1 is something very new to me, because is sushi paired with whisky (Black Label) and I personally like the second and third dish~

With Jocelyn babe,
so much catching up, over some delicious food and whisky~

With Joanna babe~
such a sweet girl..
Thanks for driving us~
very much love!

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Have a great week ahead L o V e S!

Till then,
Stay tune,

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