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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quick With Wednesday

Hey L o V e S,
Is been awhile since my last post,
I wish I could update my blog more often and at least have something to share with you all lovelies~

My Wednesday is pretty much good,
(is always depending on how you would look at it)
Help out at college for a talk for Microsoft with their new Office 365, do check it out, is super cool~

Later on,
had a catching-up session with a friend over lunch,
I know I'm not-up-to-date,
because this is my first time trying Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf @ Bangsar

Later on,
decided to catch a movie and YES is been awhile since I watch scary/horror movie at cinema..
Watched the "Haunt" which released in early March..

The synopsis is...
Story follows the son of the family recently moved into a new house with a dark past who begins a sexual relationship with the girl next door that prompts the opening terrifying alternate reality of the house. Weaver will play a former resident of the house who had suffered a terrible family tragedy. 
(From GSC)

It was one "epic" horror movie I've ever watch..
Somehow I feel the flow of the story is a little weird and hanging..
But I did got scare at some part of the movie..
(when the ghost suddenly appear! Duh!)

My Rating:

Yay! My parcel has finally arrived today!
*It always feels good to receive a parcel, part of me felt like Christmas come early*
Maybe I will update that on the next post?
if you want to know then comment below and let me know~

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Good Night L o V e S~
Bonne Nuit!

Till then,
Stay tune,


  1. Hi Sandy, like your blog as it simple and nice.

    Have a beautiful Wednesday to you.

    1. Thank you, hope you have a great time reading & appreciate ur feedback :D


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