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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend Chill Out at Stratosphere | The Roof

Weekend is here again!
Hey L o V e S!
How's your week been?

Nothing sounds better than ending the week with a good 'Chill Out' session with friends, good music, over some drinks and great view all around you!

Last Saturday,
definitely a chill-out session for me!
The Roof
Which is located at Bandar Utama!
Great catch-up with friends!

My partner in crime that weekend!
can you guess? LOL

Met up with Joanna for dinner before we headed over to Stratosphere @ The Roof...

On the way there, we met up with Michelle!
awesome timing *wink*

When I'm here,
I like to take picture because the view and everything is in technique colors as the night comes~
well, the haze didn't stop us from having fun!

We all had crazy fun time,
I remember I laughed so much and being here and there taking pictures, met new friends, chilling and enjoying the ambiance at Stratosphere~
The cover charge is RM50 with a complimentary drink~

Hangout with so many people that night,
didn't manage to take pictures of all of them, but here is some from that night..
We all, just letting loose and relaxing,
not worrying or stressing out~
That's what I love about weekend!

With Jason!
Tadah! My younger brother! ;)
As he has never been to The Roof, asked him to tag along to check the place out~

With Joanna, Michelle, Ian and myself~

Drinks anyone? :)

Good to see Jaz after so long~
Photo credit to Jaz Khai Photography! ^-^


One thing I love about The Roof,
You can choose 5 different venues within the same location~
*how convenient is that?* 

We then hopped over to SCORE at The Roof!
Football fans, this is the right place!

With babe, Joanna!
Can you see the SParKLes in my eyes?

Girls loves Somersby!
With babe, Ashley~

Elyn & Ashley

Game on!
Joanna VS Samuel~
Got to refill our energy~ LOL
Food time~
True Malaysian! ^-^

With Yuki, myself, Joanna & Ashley~

Group Picha~
Thanks Jaz for the pics

Fun times~
Check out my previous post here ---> The Roof  

FB page - The Roof
for more info and upcoming activities, events & promo~

Have a great weekend L o V e S!

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Till then,
Stay tune,


  1. Nice post Sandy! lol i saw the Boo part! scary indeed!! :p

  2. gosh. looks like fun! have to check out that place one day :)

  3. oo looks like a very nice place! Love your OOTD by the way :)

    xx Mandy


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