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Friday, April 4, 2014

Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge | Malaysia Grand Prix Lounge Party

Another week is coming to an end...
Hello L o V e S~
This week has been super tiring and I am all stressed out..
because my exam, assignment and dissertation is happening all at once..
The memory of last Saturday night still very fond in my memory.. highlight for the month of March...

It was the Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge which held at Kenanga Wholesale City ( I'm sure a lot of you know where it is right? )
Time to chill out and enjoy the night~
Went over to Joanna's house with Angeline to get ready before the event....
Surprisingly, it is so near to Joanna's place..~
and we were on time yo! =)

#LetsTakeASelfie while waiting =P
With Joanna, Angeline & Jocelyn 

Manoah Bloggers!
(Photo credit to Kelvin Sing)

With ze girls =)
Angeline & Joanna
(Photo credit to Angeline)

Formula One driver, Mika Hakkinen was there too! =)
I think that night was pretty much a #LetsTakeASelfie night~

With sweet Angeline
(Photo credit to Angeline herself)

With friend & photographer himself, Jaz Khai
(Thanks for all the nice photo taken that night)

With the man himself, Don

Picture with these two pretty ladies~ Yukiko & Zana =) 
Joanna, Jaz, Julie, Angeline & myself =)

With Jakeman!
He was spinning on the deck that night with DJ Skeletor

(photo credit to Angeline ) 
Saw Chef Nigel Richter!
With Julie, Joanna, Chelsea, myself and Jennie~

Well, I think I've filled this post with too many photos already~
Head over to my Facebook for more photos!

Thanks to Manoah and Johnnie Walker Malaysia
for an awesome night!

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Photo credit to Angeline ^-^

Till then,
Stay tune,

Have a great Friday!

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