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Monday, April 28, 2014

#myNXmini Samsung SMART Camera NX Mini | A Photo Marathon

Hey L o V e S!
Monday is already here?!
Wish I could rewind time back to last Friday and Saturday, because I had a blast after a hectic and stressful week~
Will blog about what went down on Friday soon!
Because NOW I'm all excited with what I'm gonna share with you all!

If you love taking photos,
random shots, SELFIE, WEFIE, or you're so much into photography, READ till the end! :D

Recently, Samsung has launch a new SMART camera from their NX camera range, which is the NX mini which is the world SLIMMEST and LIGHTEST interchangeable lens camera. 


Features | NX mini 

Stylish Slim, Impressively Light
NX mini is ultra slim with 22.5mm & light which is only 158g with solid premium Magnesium body.

Flip The Display Screen & Prefect Your Selfie
75.2mm (3.0") flip up and touch screen, quicky and ready to take a perfect selfie.

Capture Real Life in Full Detail
20.5MP BSI CMOS Sensor
Delivers high resolution, so you can relive the precise details of every moment captured with vivid and true-to-life colors & 1/16,000 second Shutter Speed that able to capture moving object without blur outcome.

Tag & Go
Photo Beam enables you to transfer photo faster with just a quick touch by connecting NX mini on any NFC-compatible smart phones or tablet, that do not required 3G or internet connection which is the easiest way to share between devices.
NFC-enable Remote Viewfinder Pro turns your smartphone into a remote control - all wirelessly

Last Saturday,
I had so much fun with many more Manoah blogger!
Although I only slept for 3 hours, I'm way too excited to think about sleeping.. LOL
Many thanks to Manoah & Samsung Malaysia for having me be part of this NX mini photo marathon!

We all change into our matchy t-shirt and let us take a selfie first with our new companion! :D
with Calista & Angeline babes

NX mini has a "SMILE" & "WINK" shot too,
Just set it to the mode, "smile" or "wink" then  the camera will detect & capture the photo without pressing any button!

We all met up at 9.30am at Jeneris Cafe at NU Sentral for registration & gather for a briefing before we head out to our next location..

Having 30 bloggers can be havoc,
because all of us are so busy trying out the camera and taking selfie! hahahaha
But all went well, we all are divided 3 groups and each group we have 10 bloggers which were paired up 2 by 2..

Before we go to Pasar Seni & this is a MUST to do
With Angeline, Calista & Chency

With Janice :)

 All of us moved in a group to the LRT station (all expenses was covered and we bloggers doesn't need to spend a dime!)
It feels like we are having a school trip!
On the way to our destination,
with my partner, Calista & behind us are Yuh Jiun & Hilda
With Samsung NX mini, there is nothing can stop us having SELFIE moment! :D
even in a moving train~ LOL
With Edazz

We were given one hour to move around Pasar Seni to capture photos according to assigned group categories~
My was the "Historical Malaysian Buildings"
First stop, the Kuala Lumpur KTM station~

it was made possible with the Smart Mode - Continuous Shot by choosing the best shot from it~

At 12pm, we are all gathered back at Pasar Seni LRT,
ready for our next and final destination~

KLCC LRT station~ On the way to Johnny Rocket at Avenue K

With Elvina & Calista :)
Congrats to Kifli for winning the best photo! :D

Such a fun outing & taking photos,
we got to hangout, bonding, learning about new things and the best part is able to try out this new love!

The good news is, Samsung NX Mini is already available in the market for RM1,399 

Check out for more details about NX mini at Samsung's website --->

And LIKE Samsung Malaysia's Facebook page

Big thank you to Manoah & Samsung Malaysia for everything again!

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Till then,
Stay tune,

Have a great week ahead L o V e S!

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