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Thursday, May 8, 2014

#myNXmini | Capture & Share On The Go

Hey beautiful people!
Weekend is almost here,
But I'm still rushing my assignment and thesis!
Can't wait for it to be over~

I've been blogging since 2009,
how time flies and now is already 2014!
I remember when I started blogging,
Took photos using digital camera, DSLR, or on my phone,
I have to wait till I'm back home, switch on my laptop, transfer the photos to my laptop and then only I'm able to upload it to my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram because either the camera is unable to connect to my smart phone or there is no data/internet connection~

Thinking back, is so much hustle and process to go through..
Being efficient and able to update our social media page instantly is part of being a blogger~
Well, I think I love it~
because I'm able to share it with my friends and followers

Ok! Couple of weeks back (If you have follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram closely) you would know that what has capture my attention and giving me more reason to take a SELFIE! *giggle*
Yes is the Samsung SMART Camera NX Mini!
I can play and capture as many photos as I want for 4 months!
*thanks to Samsung Malaysia & Manoah!*
NX mini has been my new companion~
loving it so much~

One of the features I love the most is that
I'm able to capture and share on-the-go!
No Internet? NO PROBLEM anymore for me
With the Tag & Go feature.
Photo Beam enables me to transfer any photo that I have just captured quickly with just a quick touch by connecting the NX mini on any NFC-compatible smart phones or tablet, that DO NOT REQUIRED 3G or INTERNET CONNECTION which made sharing between devices more easy!
Now I can share photos on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram anytime and anywhere instantly~

Simple steps:
Step 1: Download Samsung Smart Camera App

No worries if you're a Apple user because it is also available in the iTunes, so you can still enjoy the NX mini :)

Step 2: Press on "MODE" then choose "Wi-Fi"

Step 3: Choose "MobileLink"

Step 4: You can choose either transfer photos from your smart phones/tablets or from NX mini..

Step 5: After choosing (step 4), on your Wi-Fi connection and detect the camera...

Step 6: Once both device is connected, go to the app and start selecting your photos and SEND! 

All the selected photos will appear in your photo album/gallery..
Easy as that and only takes few quick touch on the camera~

Easy | Quick | On-The-Go
Definitely is!

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Till then,
Stay tune,

Have a great Thursday L o V e S!


  1. hahaha very good for girls ya! can selfie then directly upload sumore! =D

  2. Aww! That's why I love samsung camera~

    1. Me too! ;) take it with me wherever i go :D

  3. I can say this is the cheaper version of TR! Haha.

    1. well it is not like DSLR but is functional for users who still can have something like it :)
      and plus selfie is trending now ;) LOL


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