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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Bonjour L o V e S!
Back on track with my baby here~
It felt like I took a short break from everything and to figure thing out with spending some quality time with loved ones and friends

Is almost a month time I'm done with my studies,
took a little break from everything, but I can never say no to attend events and blogging because I love it!
Little recap on my last blogpost here --> Read it Feel it 

I can't believe I'm gonna update everything right here!
I promise I will keep it brief *wink*
Is definitely a short with no long crazy explanation or story~
Probably just a simple one will do?

First time trying out - Late lunch date with Joanna at Monkey Garage @ Bangsar

Went back to Monkey Garage to try out their popular dish, Laksa Johor after a week plus, but this time, beside Joanna, Yuki, Calista and Oliver :D
So far, taste while was just okay..

Hate the scar on my thigh :(
Any recommendation of medicine or cream to make it disappear?

Lunch date with girlfriend, Carmen :)

I'm glad to manage to hangout with friends which I don't get to meet often there are more pictures of other "hangout" with my friends~
Wanna meet up with all my girlfriends and boyfriend!
Wait for me!
Definitely feels good because I don't normally do that because of busy and because I live kinda far from KL area..

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Always bring my best companion out with me wherever I go! :D #myNXmini

Went to Penang on Saturday morning,
It was a long and slow journey.. I don't know what is the driver doing LOL

Annoying my baby niece while she is watching her tv show~ 
Sunday grocery shopping! :)

Casual sunday: Lunch with sis and baby niece~

With so much on my mind now,
need to get my CV done and need to apply for a job..
meanwhile waiting for my result.. I'm taking a little break~
Back to reality soon~

Can't wait for this coming weekend!
Looking forward for it so much!
For ticket purchase and details here:
See you guys & girls there!

Will have more updates on this~
so stay tune..
till then..

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Have a great week ahead!

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