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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kiss Me Heavy Roatation | Shiny Jewel Eyeliner ♡♡

Hello L o V e S..
I'm thrill to share this new found love with you all!
By far, Kiss Me cosmetics have not disappoint me because I love using their cosmetic as it suits Asian skin, Malaysia hot and humid weather and awesome water, sweat and tear resistant!

I have the pleasure to review the Kiss Me Shiny Jewel Eyeliner in 01 Shiny Black (one of their Heavy Rotation range).
The packaging does says it all, with all the bling bling going on which is definitely caught my eyes if I glance through the cosmetic counter! (LOL being a typical girl)

Kiss Me Shiny Jewel Eyeliner in 01 Shiny Black is resistant to tears, sweat, sebum and rubbing! So don't worry about smudging as Kiss Me Shiny Jewel Eyeliner is a film type eyeliner that can be easily removed with lukewarm water.

What's more awesome when makeup and cosmetic that contain beauty essence! With Kiss Me Shiny Jewel Eyeliner contains 3 type of beauty essence - Sodium Hyaluronate, Collagen (Soluble Collagen), and Chamomile extract.

With the ultra thin brush, it is definitely more easier to apply and the super-thin brush for easy creation of precise lines around and on the edge of your eyes - the little wing or cat-eye look. 

I love it because my eyeliner is definitely look more interesting now compared to the normal black eyeliner.
I've always prefer to use liquid eyeliner 
Helps to light up my eyes instantly with the shimmering glitter.
I would have no problem having this simple makeup look from day to night!

The size of the bottle is small and handy which I can just keep it in my handbag, clutch or even my pocket..

Kiss Me Shiny Jewel Eyeliner comes in 3 different shades 
01 Shiny Black
02 Shiny Brown
03 Shiny Pink White

RM 49.90
which is available at selected SASA and Watson outlet~

More information, visit Kiss Me Facebook page

Stay tune,
Till then..

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Have a great Sunday and week ahead L o V e S!

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