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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BCL Malaysia | BFF MakeUp Party

Photo Credit to Angeline babe

What better way of spending my totally free Sunday with my bff and girlfriends with BCL BFF MakeUp Party?
Is always a fun times with these ladies here!
Is like having a slumber during the day (LOL)
Is always fun experimenting with makeups~

Check out my previous post on BCL..

Mr. Takaru Hiroki, professional makeup artist from Japan,
gave us girls, tips and ways to achieve 2 types of looks using BCL products and we have the chance to try out their new and upcoming product too!
*such a cutie* LOL

Foundation is important !! Get a good one ;) I'm trying out BCL's Pore Cover Face Powder 4-in-1, helps my makeup to last longer..

Mr. Takaru doing his magic~ 

This is coming soon! To achieve more natural / Japanese Idol eyebrow, Mr. Takaru recommend using Browlash Ex with Eyebrow Gel Pencil & Powder ^-^

Mr. Takaru guided us throughout the process 
and this is the finish-look.. ^-^ on the model..

To achieve these looks:

Once we are done with our makeup..
I think you can guess what happen next right?


My bff/partner-in-crime/date! No surprise hahahhaha Mizz Joanna 

#MyBFFs #BCLMalaysia

Candid shot with ze girls and cute makeup artist from Japan :P
Mr. Takaru Hiroki
Photo credit to Angeline babe
Group picture is a must! ;)
Thanks Angeline again for the group picture!

Finally! Able to meet up wit this pretty lady here! ;)
Photo credit to Angeline herself 

Truly, a fun day with everyone, so much laughter and catching up with them! Thanks to BCL Malaysia & Manoah for having us! 

Loving the idea - Polaroid picture!
And the card is genius!
I really love all this, called me old-school but I really appreciate hand-written notes.. 
It really shows a lot about someone's effort and their handwriting 

So Joanna and me decided to exchange notes on our polaroid pictures, and we are only allowed to read it once we got back home.. LOL *cuz we are shy hahahahahah*
I think is really sweet to do something like this once awhile..
to your family/friends/love ones/special someone
that their are being appreciated

BCL Malaysia Facebook Page

Till then,
Stay tune..

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Have a great week ahead L o V e S! 

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