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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Heineken's "Cities of the World" Launch

I don't know what is wrong with my laptop which showed it is connected to the internet but then can't be use, is really annoying and causes me to delay my blogpost (sad face!)

the main point here is not that!
If you have followed me on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter, you would know (stalker much? LOL just kidding) that last Thursday I went for Heineken event which they launched "Cities of the World"
If you have not followed me, pls do so :]

Is been awhile since the last time I went for any party/night events, and thanks for Manoah for the invite!
Definitely was a hectic day for me, since morning till night,
nevertheless, I was looking forward for it~
Got ready and all doll up,
went to meet up with Joanna, which I have to thank her for driving me! *much love for you*

We thought we were early but we weren't..
So yeah, it was my first time going to Heineken event,
I find it interesting the way they make the entrance to the green room..
We have to go through few rooms which different type of setting..

Bespoked - tailors from humble beginnings, that brought the traditions of Bespoked tailoring from London to Malaysia.

Replacement - a unique boutique salon where you only get to see the new you when your stylist is done.

Paradox Cafe - where guests can step out of their comfort zones and pick up some salsa dance moves.

And finally...
 Are you green with envy?
just saying :P

The Main Room

Malaysia's leading DJs duo - Goldfish and Blink, together with YouTube sensation, Elizabeth Tan.
Debut their first track together at Heineken's Cities of the World launch.

This is a global campaign aimed at inspiring people to get out of their routines and start exploring and experiencing their cities thus, this campaign is to inspire them to move away from their usual habits and discover more within their own backyard.
This campaign will be ongoing for 2 months..
For this month of August, six specially designed limited edition Heineken bottles will be available to consumers which each bottle represents one of the six global cities NEW YORK : SHANGHAI : BERLIN : AMSTERDAM : LONDON : KUALA LUMPUR

An opportunity to unlock worldly adventure in New York will be one of the prize by finding a unique code under the cap of each limited-edition bottles.
Campaign runs from 1st August to 15th September 2014.
More info on "Open Your City" social compass and the Heineken's Cities edition bottles

With Janice babe

Pee-ka-boo! ;)

Our #OOTD ;P

With Joanna babe aka partner in crime ;)
With ze girls ;)
Janice, Li Chuen, Nathalie and Joanna

Is always fun time with great drinks & music,
to top it off is with good people to share with!

Have fun with the "open your city" social compass!

Till then,
Stay tune,

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Have a pleasant weekend L o V e S!


  1. yorrrr, i also wanna go leh, why no invite me 1?

    (A Growing Teenager Diary)

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