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Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Updates ~ Guardians of the Galaxy

Just today, chatted with a friend of mine,
made me realize why I started blogging and why I love it..
Sometimes, when we are so caught up with life and things around us, we have the tendency to lose ourselves along the way..
Definitely is a blessing to have friends and love ones around that could remind me from time to time..
Owh... and got some good news today too!
No-Monday-Blues indeed
here is a little and short update *wink*

Last week was fun week,
Went to visit my sis & family over the long weekend, it was the Hari Raya holiday..
Meet up with friends and spending quality with 

Anyway, back to the point..
Its always fun to go to the cinema for a good movie,
with a good movie boyfriend/girlfriend/friends.. 
Well you guessed it,
Spent some quality time and went to watch the Guardians of the Galaxy last week,
watched the trailer before this and got me excited about it..

I have heard many good reviews from friends on Facebook
definitely a plus point!
Is been awhile since I did a movie review..
Kinda went off track with this *giggle*
But yeah.. here is one from me!
(not really a review LOL)

Love a good movie that have a hint of laughter/funny scene,
good way to distress too~
It got me laughing when the movie starts..
Or maybe I'm easily amused kind of person.

I guess I won't have the synopsis for this one..
I don't want to spoil it for everyone who have not watch it!

My rating for this is 5/5

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Till then,
Stay tune,

Have a great week ahead L o V e S!

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