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Thursday, August 7, 2014

#myNXmini | Wink-It-Away Shot

Hey lovely..
Another Thursday is here,
That means Friday & weekend is just around the corner!
I'm sure everyone look forward for the weekend to chill out and relax a little..

I think now and then, everyone love taking pictures (myself included) and I'm not just talking about selfies but yeah, we all pretty much love taking pictures with our camera, DSLRs, or with our smartphones.. I cannot deny that, because I will do it if I can, because for me, taking picture of something or with someone like CAPTURING and FREEZING that moment to be cherish..
So in future, I can just look back at those pictures and remember how it made me feel and how I felt at that time...

And of course, you can post it on Facebook, Instagram, and etc.. LOL 
I think I mention it before from my previous post,
that I have this one gadget that is with me where ever I go..
(well, I guess the title kinda reveal the answer)

With the small and compact NX mini I can carry it in my clutch or handbag!
I don't know whether other people have this problem, but when you are alone and no one there to help take a selfie or wefie?
I'm so glad that NX Mini comes with WINK SHOT!
How cute is it?!
Okay, I have a confession.......
I'm terrible at being a winky!

Winky ahead~ LOL

I just LMAO looking at my own picture winking it away LOL
Here is how you can get your wink shot with your NX mini camera~

Just flip up the screen and it will be automatically switch on..
Touch on the face detection- left side, third from the top

Tap on the "wink" shot and "OK"

And you are good to wink it away! :D
Plus point is, you can set timer or without it..

By using the wink shot, it will detect your "winky eye face" and capture it automatically without having to press the shutter button~

Remember to wink it to capture it

Well I'm off to get ready now!

Till then,
Stay tune..

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Have a pleasant Thursday L o V e S!

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