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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Light Up Your Night with Belvedere Vodka

Last Friday night was the night to
at Providence, The Intermark Kuala Lumpur..
Here was my teaser post
Read about it

Friday night with my girl, Joanna..
and some friends~
Is always fun to be out with friends and chill out after a tough week LOL
Just get up, dress up and get the party going!

With my partner in crime ;)

Belvedere played host to eager partygoers in the first of its customized engagements - "Light Up Your Night"

With friend and photographer, Jaz!
Thanks for all the amazing photos!

With Joanna, Amanda and Priscilla ;)

With Peter Davis and MC of the night, Will Quah 

Nice seeing you again! with Raj~

A little bear to bring home with me ;)

A night of fun and a lot of laughter!
A night of mingle and meeting new people~
Met some new friends too!
Were you there that night?

Till then,
Stay tune,

Stay Golden my L o V e S,

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Have a blessed week!

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