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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Premiere Screening | 守夜 SEVENTH

Bonjour mon amours!
Is been more than a month since my last post!
It totally feel not that long ago but time flies!
I'm glad I'm back for more!

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend the premiere screening of the latest local movie production 守夜 SEVENTH  which is from the writter of at GSC, Pavilion!
Big thanks to Manoah for the invitation! 

I wouldn't say I'm the biggest fans of horror movie because I know my mind will be playing tricks with me at night as I love sleeping in total darkness (don't like to have lights around me!) BUT I still would want to watch it!

Arrived on time, despite the crazy traffic in KL,
meet up with other bloggers and basically feel the whole ambiance of the event~

With ze babes Angeline and Joanna :D
Photo Credit : Angeline

With all the girls ;)
Photo credit : Koey

The cast of  守夜 SEVENTH 
With Casey and Joanna :D

After the gala reception, its time for MOVIE!
I was pretty much looking forward at the same time don't really know what to expect, maybe I want to surprise?

While waiting for the movie to start, let's us take a selfie
*big smile*

This movie will be in cinema this coming Friday on the 16th October 2014! My little review on this movie which is all from myself :)
I like this movie because it is not just a horror movie which is all it has also other genre beside horror, there is a meaningful moral story behind it~ which is funny and touching because it make me cry a little :P

Genre: Horror, supernatural, moving, tear

Check out their FB page: 守夜 SEVENTH  

Joanna, mua, Koeyy, Chocky, Shini, and Angeline
Photo credit : Angeline :D

With Joanna :)

Till then,
Stay tune,

Stay Golden my L o V e S!

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Btw, trimmed my long-annoying fringe! :D
*ignore my tired face*

Have a great week ahead!

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