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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Id Esthetic Beauty House | 水光注射

Hey L o V e S!
Sorry for being M.I.A for 2 weeks since my last update,
been super busy and tired because I'm working now!
Feeling excited as well as adapting to my new life~ *finger cross and pray everything will sail smoothly*
Well, I can say everything is sort of "new" because... IT IS!

But what I am about to share with you is something I've blog about it 5 months ago, introducing them to you lovelies about their new location!
Here is my previous post ---> HERE 
Today what is about their new treatment which is the 水光注射 "Hydrolifting" injection which do not required any surgery like mentioned in the previous post ---> HERE 

Mesoderm therapy is the use of the hyaluronic acid transport into the dermal layer of the skin to improve the facial skin moist and soft, shiny and translucent, so you will have artists like lubricating translucent skin which is capable to handle the problem of dehydrated skin with improving fine wrinkles and skin firming.

This bring significant results because 水光 "Shuiguang" injection of hyaluronic acid injection is hydrolifting and to the main injection process can also follow the different needs of the United States, who conduct the injection control, using it for multiple ways such as landscaping and improving variety of skin problems. 

The skin moisture level and hyaluronic acid level are closely related because when the skin moisture level is low, meaning the hyaluronic acid is low which resulting skin unable to retain water which leads to wrinkles. By injecting hyaluronic acid can prevent dehydration , promote skin tissue to regenerate, firming of skin, increase skin moisture level which can prevent wrinkles.

The process only take 1 hour and a half to 2 hours,
firstly, apply anesthetic cream and remove it after 30 mins to 40 mins, the injection only takes 30 mins, and after that, mask application for the calm effect. One treatment can last for 8 - 10 months. Generally, recommended a course of injections, the effect is most perfect, which can be in between 2 - 4 years time.

For those who can read chinese :)

就是利用中胚层疗法把透明质酸输送到皮肤的真皮层改善肌肤,能够让面部肌肤水润柔嫩、光泽透亮,让您拥有艺人般润滑透亮的肌肤,能够处理真皮层缺少水分的问题,改善细小的皱纹,皮肤紧实提升饱满。带来显着效果。            水光针注射多以玻尿酸注射为主,注射过程中也可以按照求美者不同需求,进行注射剂的调控,采用多种注射剂相配合的方式,进行多种肌肤问题的美化和改善。          皮肤的湿润水平与透明质酸含量密切相关,随着年龄的增长,皮肤中透明质酸含量降低,使皮肤保水功能减弱,产生皱纹。注射透明质酸可以防止脱水,促进组织细胞再生,紧致肌肤、长久保湿的功效,用于祛皱。同时,透明质酸可以快速与细胞发生水合作用,保持细胞水分,因此常用作补水保湿的水光注射。            A:先要洗脸之后涂抹麻醉膏30~40分钟之后,进行水光注射只需要30分钟,然后敷一片起镇定效果的面膜,最短1小时半,最长两小时就会结束;根据顾客皮肤进行个性化设计            A:做一次有一次的效果,做一次的效果能维持八到十二个月左右。一般情况会建议进行一个疗程的注射,这样的效果是最完美的,维持时间也能特别久(2到4年)。            皮肤作为最先衰老的组织,由于它所占的比例,因此它的紧致与否直接影响一个人的整体形象。目前微整形项目当中,大多数是针对肌肤问题展开改善和美化行动,以确保肌肤随时处于最佳状态。水光针注射,因其操作方式和美肤效果,让千万爱美女性不再惧怕时间,成了拯救肌肤的新型武器~ DIMI 也有定期导入水光针和四合一面膜

Id Esthetic Beauty House have customers from different countries such as Dubai, Thailand, Arab and China.

Check out more from my previous post about Id Esthetic Beauty House!
Link : 

Have a pleasant Sunday & great week ahead L o V e S!

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