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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note5 | Celebrate The Note Legacy

What's next?
Next is Now!

I'm sure you all have heard about the latest new phone launched by Samsung Mobile Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid simultaneously at Penang and Johor.

Yes, is the Samsung Galaxy Note5. I was very curious and can't wait to get my hands on it and tried it out myself, which I was fortunate enough to do so!

Samsung Galaxy Note5 is definitely an upgraded version of the "Note" family because is it more powerful and more personalize than ever. With its bio-engineering design that fits in one hand with a narrower bezel and curved back. The flat screen which is great to write on together with the curved shape makes it easier for users to use the phone with single handed

It has been 4 years since the ever first Note launched back in 2011 - Galaxy Note. As Samsung has made it sown the road of improvements year-to-year to design the most evolve Note in its series today. Marking the 5th Anniversary of the Note series, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is proud to celebrate of the Note Legacy.

The Note Legacy uphold alongside with award-winning producers, actress and passionate arts advocate Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina; Actor, director and singer Aaron Aziz; Talented singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Yuna; TV Host, emcee and writer Lynn Lim, and Malaysian's hottest Youtube sensation combo, Jinny Boy and Reuben Kang.

5 inspirational stories that formed the Note Legacy, as the first Note was launched in 2011, the following year, Samsung collaborated with Yuna to create and composed her first ever music video in the smartphone sophistication which was shot and animated entirely with Galaxy Note ll. In 2013, Aaron Aziz then helped to build the Note story by involving, where he inspire Malaysian fan to widen their perspective and follow their dream through his notes. In 2014, is all about creativity, it was seen then at its finest when Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, Lynn Lim, Jinny Boy & Reuben Kang took the S Pen functionality of the Note4 to greater level of productivity and shared with us their usual 'live' arts.

It's inspired by the design legacy of Galaxy S6.

We are living in the era of fast-moving, on-the-go, and always prefer to get things done faster as we all know 'time is money" 

The new Galaxy Note5 has incorporated all new S Pen that feels more solid and balanced in your hand! One of the function got me feels like a kid going into a candy store is the "Screen off memo" that allows users to drop down their notes, idea or whatsoever you have in your mind at the moment without the need of unlocking the phone or opening an app! How cool is that?!

Another feature is the "Air Command" that gets more spontaneous and functional with the icon hovers for quick access to all the S Pen tools from any screen and at any time.

And that is not all, have you heard about "Scroll Capture"? I'm sure all of us know what is screen shot is, but imagine this, actually you don't need to imagine because is something you can just do it NOW with Galaxy Note5! Scroll Capture allows you to capture shots of long image, texts, essay, or articles up to 22 pages. It is a great thing for people who are constantly on the go with their work or hobbies.

Wider angle for better wefie ;)

Galaxy Note5 camera is clear with vivid colors and the front camera just amazing for selfie! #GirlsBeingGirls LOL
Go and check it out the new Galaxy Note5 at Samsung Store!

Check out more at for more info on trading in your old Note 1, 2, 3, 4 and other smartphones for the latest Note5.

Till then,
Stay tune,

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Have a wonderful Tuesday and the week ahead L o V e S

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Guinness Amplify: Curates | Jumero Debut Album Launch - Stepping Stones

Indeed, a day where everyone looks forward to after a long week of work, studies or etc.
Time to chillout and hangout.

Yesterday, I ended my week with friends & good music with the company of Guinness.
I've been attending Guinness Amplify event for sometimes now,
and the first event was about a year ago!
---> Guinness Amplify: Curates <--- nbsp="">

Guinness Amplify is a platform with a focus on supporting local Malaysian musicians from Guinness.

Guinness Amplify: Curates which is a smaller series from Amplify, that designed to keep the focus on Malaysian music throughout the year.

This time was
Guinness Amplify: Curates
Jumero's debut album launch - Stepping Stone
with performance by Natellie Ng and Crinkle Cut
at Laundry Bar, The Curve.

Stepping Stone by Jumero

With Winnie & Glorie (Photo credit to Glorie)

First performance by Natellie Ng
Follow Natellie Ng on Instagram - @natelliengjy

Following performance Crinkle Cut
Follow them on Instagram - @crinklecutmusic

With these happening friends/bloggers ;)
Jason, yours truly, Joanna, Samuel, Ryan & Yumi
(photo credit to Yumi)

with ma babes :)
photo credit to Yumi

And of course,
saving the best for last,

Follow them on Instagram - @jumeromusic

There were more and more people came,
it was so crowed in Laundry Bar,
The crowd was so nice and supporting~

Till then,
Stay tune,

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Photo credit to Yumi ;)

Have a great weekend ahead L o V e S!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Clean & Clear | Stay Confidence with Clear Skin

Can you guessed what's my current facial care I'm using?
This brings me back down the memory lane..
As I reminisce to those days..
Especially for girls, as we moved from primary school to secondary or high school, we tend to be more self-conscious (well thanks to the puberty too), we started to dressed up a little, be more feminine, and etc..

Tried to blur the photo a little but.. yeah! :D
The title was kinda self explanatory

Clean&Clear is the first product I know or came across,
as it was a out in the market, and of course my sister was using it as well. My sister and I have combination skin therefore, our "T" zone can be really "shiny" around mid-day and with the humidity..

I like how the Essential Moisturizer because it doesn't leave the skin with the feeling of greasiness and it feels very light to my skin.

Sometimes, is difficult to find suitable product for your skin type, there would many trial & error moments..
Is always good to go back to basic..
Less complicated, simplicity is always the best..

Having a clear skin it would be every girls dream,
myself included..
I do wear makeup from day to day basis, and cleaning off your makeup and to moisturize my skin is very important!
Girls! remember to always remove your makeup before going to bed no matter how tired your are..

Have a clear and clean skin,
eventually you are more confident, and that doesn't apply just on the exterior aspect but it will shine from within..
When you feel good about yourself, eventually you would be more confident and happy..

The 3 simple steps of cleaning your skin,
Essentials Foaming Facial Wash
Essential Oil Control Toner
Essential Moisturizer

They come in a very portable traveling-size bottle,
I can just bring it with me,
just put it into my handbag/travel bag..
No fuss, No muss

Take on my day to day,

Be Confident
Stay Confident

Till then,
Stay tune,

Have a Wonderful Wednesday L o V e S!

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Out & About |The Roof

Hey L o V e S,
Is always fun to have a night out once a while

Ladies get lucky at Play once again with a free bottle of champagne on the house who came in a group of four before midnight last Thursday.

With ma babe, Joanna.

champagne shower? :)

Had a fun night out with ze girls
at Play club, The Roof.
Indeed a Champagne Fiesta.

Not to forget the awesome Saturday night with my favorite people with DJ Matt Smallwood!

Last Saturday, it was Sundown Session at Stratosphere with DJ Matt Smallwood from London.
It was a little sad, as the weather wasn't good, and it has been a rainy season this couple of week.

But in the spirit of having a good weekend as planned.
The bad weather did not stop us from having a good weekend,
the party moved indoor instead - to Signature.

awesome night out <3 font="">

I've always said that a good night out is the combination of - music, drinks and good friends and loves one.
Is already been a week since then,
great night with great memories.

Have a great weekend L o V e S,

Till then,
Stay tune,

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#tbt | Centurion Challenge 2.0 at Score, The Roof

Hey L o V e S!
I'm just so excited to be back and blogging again!
I wish I could summarize what's been happening from the last blogpost I posted few months back~
However, I'm not gonna bored you to death with that..
(Will be posting the highlighted event only *wink*)

Back to the topic!
Dolled up for my Thursday night out with my friends!

Yes, if you all have stalked me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter,
(please be nice and not in a creepy way)
I went over to the Score @ The Roof!
They had this beer challenge called

This is about having 100 shots of beers (in a tequila shot glass)
in 100 mins!

Getting more people coming and filling the place up


Everyone were listen focusing on what the judge/referee has to say before the game begins! 

With Mahyar & Farhad

15 shots and counting....


CONGRATS TO Russ & Owayne Khoo

The winners got RM1, 000 and barrel of beer!
what's better than that?

Had so much fun!
Met up with my friends and make new friends too.
What have you all been doing this week?
Tell me because I wanna know.

Saving the juiciest news as the last point here.
Tomorrow is Thursday!
Good news for the ladies out there,
Play @ The Roof is having a champagne night..
As I know, all females love champagne, so gather 3 more of your girlfriends and you'll get a bottle of champagne on the house from 10pm onwards

So let's champagne up your Thursday night out with your girlfriends!
See you all there~

Till then,
Stay tune,

Stay awesome & Happy midweek~

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