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Thursday, April 30, 2015

#tbt | Weekend Shenangian

Hey L o V e S!
Is already Thursday,
and long weekend is here!

So yeah,
here is a short update/post,
nothing to brag but just feel like posting something,
because it was something that made me happy!
Simple as that.
"Because I'm Happy"

Wanted to blog sooner but my phone was being bipolar,
got delayed and stuff, so what's more appropriate to post a #throwbackthursday on a THURSDAY?

Lunch at Bangsar Village - Nandos! :D

Ended my Saturday with stuffing myself and lots of laughter!
with great company..

It was a long day for but it was a fun day!
Started my day 7am,
and ended it pass midnight~

Yes, that's one simple and blissful weekend in my opinion~
oh and yeah brunch at Nirwana, Bangsar too!
Been craving for it!

Alright, I got to continue my packing!
Traveling up north today~
What are you guys up to this long weekend?

Here is a selfie after my pampering session @ C.Michael,
cut and color my hair :D

Till then,
Stay tune,

Stay awesome and have fun this long weekend!

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