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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#tbt | Centurion Challenge 2.0 at Score, The Roof

Hey L o V e S!
I'm just so excited to be back and blogging again!
I wish I could summarize what's been happening from the last blogpost I posted few months back~
However, I'm not gonna bored you to death with that..
(Will be posting the highlighted event only *wink*)

Back to the topic!
Dolled up for my Thursday night out with my friends!

Yes, if you all have stalked me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter,
(please be nice and not in a creepy way)
I went over to the Score @ The Roof!
They had this beer challenge called

This is about having 100 shots of beers (in a tequila shot glass)
in 100 mins!

Getting more people coming and filling the place up


Everyone were listen focusing on what the judge/referee has to say before the game begins! 

With Mahyar & Farhad

15 shots and counting....


CONGRATS TO Russ & Owayne Khoo

The winners got RM1, 000 and barrel of beer!
what's better than that?

Had so much fun!
Met up with my friends and make new friends too.
What have you all been doing this week?
Tell me because I wanna know.

Saving the juiciest news as the last point here.
Tomorrow is Thursday!
Good news for the ladies out there,
Play @ The Roof is having a champagne night..
As I know, all females love champagne, so gather 3 more of your girlfriends and you'll get a bottle of champagne on the house from 10pm onwards

So let's champagne up your Thursday night out with your girlfriends!
See you all there~

Till then,
Stay tune,

Stay awesome & Happy midweek~

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