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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Clean & Clear | Stay Confidence with Clear Skin

Can you guessed what's my current facial care I'm using?
This brings me back down the memory lane..
As I reminisce to those days..
Especially for girls, as we moved from primary school to secondary or high school, we tend to be more self-conscious (well thanks to the puberty too), we started to dressed up a little, be more feminine, and etc..

Tried to blur the photo a little but.. yeah! :D
The title was kinda self explanatory

Clean&Clear is the first product I know or came across,
as it was a out in the market, and of course my sister was using it as well. My sister and I have combination skin therefore, our "T" zone can be really "shiny" around mid-day and with the humidity..

I like how the Essential Moisturizer because it doesn't leave the skin with the feeling of greasiness and it feels very light to my skin.

Sometimes, is difficult to find suitable product for your skin type, there would many trial & error moments..
Is always good to go back to basic..
Less complicated, simplicity is always the best..

Having a clear skin it would be every girls dream,
myself included..
I do wear makeup from day to day basis, and cleaning off your makeup and to moisturize my skin is very important!
Girls! remember to always remove your makeup before going to bed no matter how tired your are..

Have a clear and clean skin,
eventually you are more confident, and that doesn't apply just on the exterior aspect but it will shine from within..
When you feel good about yourself, eventually you would be more confident and happy..

The 3 simple steps of cleaning your skin,
Essentials Foaming Facial Wash
Essential Oil Control Toner
Essential Moisturizer

They come in a very portable traveling-size bottle,
I can just bring it with me,
just put it into my handbag/travel bag..
No fuss, No muss

Take on my day to day,

Be Confident
Stay Confident

Till then,
Stay tune,

Have a Wonderful Wednesday L o V e S!

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