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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Out & About |The Roof

Hey L o V e S,
Is always fun to have a night out once a while

Ladies get lucky at Play once again with a free bottle of champagne on the house who came in a group of four before midnight last Thursday.

With ma babe, Joanna.

champagne shower? :)

Had a fun night out with ze girls
at Play club, The Roof.
Indeed a Champagne Fiesta.

Not to forget the awesome Saturday night with my favorite people with DJ Matt Smallwood!

Last Saturday, it was Sundown Session at Stratosphere with DJ Matt Smallwood from London.
It was a little sad, as the weather wasn't good, and it has been a rainy season this couple of week.

But in the spirit of having a good weekend as planned.
The bad weather did not stop us from having a good weekend,
the party moved indoor instead - to Signature.

awesome night out <3 font="">

I've always said that a good night out is the combination of - music, drinks and good friends and loves one.
Is already been a week since then,
great night with great memories.

Have a great weekend L o V e S,

Till then,
Stay tune,

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