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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Silk Road | The Oriental Journey

It's the long weekend!
How many of you are out and about to maximize your long weekend?
For me, I crave for a relaxing one with a little sharing I want to tell you all about the private event I have the privilege to be a part of, of course, thanks for Silk Road.

If you have "stalked" my blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook,
you would know about it, because I posted their cute and oriental invitation by Silk Road as well a blogpost on how I feel the eastern culture has evolve throughout the years and influencing the world internationally.
Click here if you want to read about it.

One of the perks of attending events is getting to meet with friends, I think everyone agree on this because most of us are working now, is not easy to plan a meeting.. 

"To really experience a journey, one must truly savour it"

Some drink to chill out before the main event begins..

A mini photoshoot with photographer/videographer, Mr. Samuel
Samuel as himself, love joining contest~
The price for best photo is a bottle of Hennessy.. 

Is about one month away till Chinese New Year,
getting in touch with my roots by wearing the traditional Cheongsam.. I think I've only wore it once a year which is only during CNY (Chinese New Year).

I'm sure you all know her, no stranger ;)
Joanna babe

Before the main event starts,
we get to mingle and learnt about the eastern culture like the Calligraphy and the Art of Tea Making..

Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy - Thats my name! :)

credit to Koey

Credit to Samantha

And we proceed into the main hall for our fine dining specially prepared by Chef James Won..

captivated with the beautiful setting of the hall and table :) 

An introduction of the evening;s menu by Chef James Won himself.. such a friendly and humble guy~

As waiters walked out with the plates of Entree 1,
we all were anticipated what's install for us..
it goes to Entree 2, Plat Principal and Dessert...
For every plate served, it is based on different flavors and ingredients that was specially created for this event according to the theme..
Chef James Won, personally explain to us their story behind each dishes, carefully selected ingredient, with oriental art of blending with enhance ritual of perfection.

Chef James Won and his team...

It is an interesting & unforgettable experience for me..
Thanks you Chef James Won and Enfin Culinary Team for the amazing effort in putting all these together!

With ze rest of the blogger!

Till then,
Stay tune,

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Have a wonderful long weekend L o V e S!

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