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Sunday, February 19, 2017

REALASH | Real You, Be You

Bonjour mon cherie,
Its already mid of February 2017,
I'm still feeling surreal that we are about to move into the final month of the first quarter of 2017.

Surprise, surprise..
This is my first and official blogpost for 2017,
after not posting anything for good six months.
Alright, back to the main point of me blogging.

6 months ago, I've pleasure to try out REALASH Cosmetic,
I've posted it on my Instagram instead, but I would want to move the update here too. Although is a little late but is better late than never.
*wink wink*

Easy application & Fast absorption
I've been using REALASH BROW CONDITIONER & REALASH EYELASH ENHANCER for more than a month.
My lashes are easier to curl my lashes when I'm doing my makeup, and I can see it is longer than before I started to use REALASH.

As you know, I'm not blessed with lushes and long eyelashes but I would not say no to try out products that can better and enhance it with natural ingredients that do not cause side effects, allergies, and irritations because customers' well-being is one of their priority.

Happy Sunday L o V e S!

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